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Lawn care in Johannesburg

Lawn care in Johannesburg

Is your lawn healthy and green?

Is it weed, insect and disease free?

Is it the envy of your neighbours and friends?

If not, call us!

We at Lawnpro, as the name implies, specialize in lawn treatment.

We are qualified pest controllers registered with the Department of Agriculture.

Initially our service includes a thorough evaluation of your lawn area. We then visit your lawn up to 8 times a year.

Our lawn treatment includes the following tasks:

  • Lawn feeding with a combination of fertilizers.
    • Our specialized liquid Lawn Booster.
    • Granular organic or non organic fertilizer.
  • Weed treatments within the lawn. This is done by applying a selective herbicide to control weeds.
  • Paving weed control. Areas covered include driveways, paths, tennis courts etc. With paving we use a non select herbicide.
  • Insect control:
    • Within the lawn: These include Termites, Mole Crickets, Lawn caterpiller etc.
    • Surrounding your home. This will control the movement of ants from the outside to the inside of your house.

As a result of the above lawn treatment, Lawnpro will get your lawn looking healthy, green and certainly the envy of your freinds and neighbours.